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You will receive a reply two weeks after the meeting.

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assisting our employees and their families

Employee purposes

Unfortunate events

We grant support in the event of death, accident or illness with serious consequences affecting employees or their immediate family.

Educational grants

We are mandated to grant financial support to assist the employees’ children in completing their final training or education.

Live a dream

This programme will give employees the opportunity to donate a week of their holiday to do voluntary work for people in need.

Senior clubs

This would be clubs within the VKR Group for senior employees, early retirees and retired employees.

Financial highlights

In 2022, we made grants worth EUR 5.3 million altogether. But already since 1992 the Employee Foundation has contributed to bettering the lives of our employees. Go back in time and view some of our financial highlights below.

Consolidated financial highlights 2018 – 2022

EUR 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2022-1992
Support for employees, total 1,912,095 1,449,749 1,582,885 932,157 898,753 17,646,487
Granted applications 778 528 769 372 386 6563
  • Unfortunate events
1,265,648 951,616 1,040,031 613,670 579,044  11,585,403
  • Educational purposes
478,767 369,813 277,568 252,388 261,229  4,651,216
  • Other purposes
167,680 128,320 265,286 66,099 58,480 1,409,868
Support for non-profit purposes, total 3,044,111 2,778,192 376,455 280,187 254,147  9,840,506
Granted applications 154 119 162 149 115 2515
  • Local, non-profit support
387,072 258,878 376,455 280,187 254,147 4,664,154
  • Green areas and outdoor life programme
2,657,038 2,519,314 0 0 0 5,176,352
Healthy Habits 313,022 634,228 70,549 70,973 53,255 1,142,028
Total support 5,269,228 4,862,169 2,029,889 1,283,318 1,206,155 28,627,910
Granted applications in total 932 647 931 521 501 9078
Average number of employees, VKR Group 20,007 17,104 15,267 16,123 15,459
support for community projects

Community support

The VKR Group aspires to make a contribution to the communities that its companies operate in. This is why our support is aimed at projects in the vicinity of VKR Group companies.

It means that the Employee Foundation may grant funding to applications from non-profit clubs, associations and other organisations based within a distance of up to 50 km of a company within the VKR Group.

We give priority to projects with lasting impact and value, and give preference to projects linked to employees of the VKR Group. To be eligible, there is no requirement to have worked for the VKR Group for a certain period of time.

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Healthy Habits 2022


When we are at work, we follow the company’s safety guidelines so that we do not get hurt or hurt others. But when we leave the workplace, we often forget to take those good safety habits with us. And the fact is that most accidents happen in our own homes.

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special programme 2021

Green areas & outdoor life

The Employee Foundation have funded original and inspiring projects to provide more green areas and outdoor recreational amenities. The progress of the projects will be followed closely and posted here on the site for you to read.

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