Building project in Romania


The Employee Foundation and the local department of the non-profit organisation Habitat for Humanity have collaborated on building affordable homes to Romanian families in need.

As a volunteer in this programme, you help build houses together with colleagues from the VKR Group and other volunteers from other companies outside the group – all paid by the Employee Foundation!

The Corona pandemic put the launch on hold, however, in 2022 we finally sent off the first team of volunteering colleagues to Romania.

A special experience

The ten employees from 10 different companies represented six different languages. They did not know each other in advance, however, they quickly formed a strong connection within the joint project.

Before the hard work began, there was time for some sightseeing and to get an impression of Romania. Then walls were built, plastered, sanded and painted. However, there was also time to hear about the situation and background of the families for which the homes are built. It made a great impression and confirms that the work is of great importance.

Requirements and expectations

You must be able to understand and speak English. There are no requirements for artisanal skills or education. It is important that you want to meet new people and that you like to be part of both social communities and work communities. You must be willing to roll up your sleeves and solve the tasks at hand.

You will need to spend a week’s holiday and it is important that your manager consent to it that you take holiday in the week of programme launch.

Terms and application


  • We do not decide the tasks to be solved, so be prepared for everything.
  • Protective equipment is provided (glasses, helmet, hearing protection), but not workwear and shoes. You must bring it yourself.
  • Well in advance, you will receive information about transportation and other practical information.
  • The Employee Foundation will make sure that you receive a programme before you leave.
  • Habitat for Humanity will book hotel and transportation in Romania.
  • All meals are pre-ordered.

How to apply for a seat

  • Apply online at Employee Foundation of the VKR Group, select purpose ‘F’.
  • Attach your motivated application in English: Why would you like to participate in this programme?
  • Application deadline is 15 May 2023.

For the next build in October, 15 employees have been selected.