fight for sight

We care about your eyesight

Our eyesight is the one human sense that has the most impact on our quality of life. To preserve our eyes in good condition, we need to check our vision regularly – but we seldom do.

With this in mind, the Employee Foundation has cooperated with the non-profit NGO Fight for Sight, Denmark, and funded the development of a web-based vision test that will be made available free of charge to everyone with access to the internet by either PC, Smartphone or tablet.

In 2024, the digital platform has been CE marked in Denmark as a medical tool.

Visit the digital vision test, where you will also find additional information about the eyesight.

Try the vision test

Support for eye-related illnesses

You can apply for support to the eye-related illnesses listed below. Please apply as usual in our online application system.

  • AMD
  • Blindness
  • Cataract
  • Eye cancer
  • Eye damages
  • Glaucoma
  • Glasses for children with a visual acuity of at least +/- 3.
  • Strabismus/squint

Please note that we do not support a normal need for glasses, nor computer glasses.

When applying, select purpose A. Unfortunate events:

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