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Safety first – at home, too!

When we are at work, we follow the company’s safety guidelines so that we do not get hurt or hurt others. But when we leave the workplace, we often forget to take those good safety habits with us. And the fact is that most accidents happen in our own homes.

Support for unfortunate events

If you or someone in your immediate family has had an accident with serious consequences, you can apply to the Employee Foundation for support, e.g. for a specific aid that can support you in your everyday life. Select purpose A. Unfortunate events.

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Take it home

To help you along, we have sent a small box that will be distributed at your workplace. Take the box and its contents home to your family.

Drawing competition is closed

Thank you to all participating families and children.

We hope you will continue your talks about safety and what it includes.

All winners have been notified. Thank you for all your amazing drawings!

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Let the film inspire you

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