Grants, June 2023

The board meeting of the Employee Foundation was held online on 28 June.

The meeting granted about DKK 3.2 million (about EUR 0.4 million) for employee purposes (119 grants for unfortunate events and 60 educational grants for employees’ children), and about DKK 4 million (about EUR 0.5 million) for 52 local, non-profit projects.

In addition, the Board selected 15 participants from among the applications received for the Live a dream programme, which will be held in Romania on 23-27 October 2023. All applicants have be notified directly.

We had received a total of 19 applications for this year’s Healthy Habits programme with a total value of about DKK 0.5 million (about EUR 67,000) to coincide with the World Cleanup Day on 16 September. All applications were accepted.

Among the projects in the Green Areas & Outdoor Life programme, the Croatian project has been inaugurated. It took place on 30 June with the participation of the chair of the foundation, Michel Langrand, programme manager Henrik Øvlisen and Lotte Kragelund from the secretariat.