We support our employees

As an employee of one of the VKR Group’s companies around the world, you are eligible to apply for a grant to benefit you personally and your immediate family. You must have been employed within the Group for at least one year, although dispensation from this requirement may be granted in special cases. We define an employee’s immediate family as the employee’s spouse/co-habiting partner and children under the age of 30 years.

In times of distress

The Employee Foundation may grant support in the event of death, accident or illness with serious consequences affecting employees or their immediate family. The financial support may be spent on medical care or remedial arrangements, but may also be granted for encouragement at a time of distress.


We can grant financial support to assist the employees’ children in completing their final  education. The applicant must be under the age of 30, and have completed at least half of the education. Support is granted for both vocational training and academic education. 


The Employee Foundation organises a trip for employees who want to spend a week’s holiday on doing voluntary work in a construction project. The project is organised in collaboration with the non-profit organisation Habitat for Humanity. Read about our Live a dream programme.

Senior life

Financial support is also granted for initiatives to benefit current and former senior employees. This would be clubs or associations for senior employees, early retirees and retired employees. Applications for support are granted once a year at the 4th board meeting.

Donation stories

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DOVISTA Polska – Adam

“Our lives changed completely. It has a new purpose and many other problems have now become irrelevant. Our son’s well-being is the only thing that really matters. Watching him grow up is the best part of our lives now.” – Adam, DOVISTA Polska.

Adam and his partner had been trying to conceive naturally since 2016. Last year they succeeded with the help of fertility treatment, and their little son has been born.

The Employee Foundation can support employees in need of fertility treatment in places in the world where there is no help to be found in the public system.

DOVISTA Polska – Alina

“The combination of technology and biology is the area in which I want to develop. I want to be at the centre of the development of science, explore it, use it and popularise it. I believe that the direction I have chosen is the best way to reach my goal.” – Alina, daughter of an employee from DOVISTA Polska.

Alina studies micro- and nanotechnology in biophysics at AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, Poland. Her father, Sławomir, works at DOVISTA Polska. That is why she has applied for and received educational support through the Employee Foundation.

Alina has been fascinated by science since she participated in science Olympiads and competitions in primary school. She would like to use her education to work in the high-tech sector within diagnostics and treatment. Alina’s goal is to improve, reduce costs and facilitate access to specialised diagnostics and treatment techniques.

Natre Vinduer – Anders

“It’s been really good having a dog in these times. It helped us take our minds off the tragedy and focus on something else. A puppy requires a lot of attention, play, walks and is always happy.”
– Anders, Natre Vinduer, Norway.

Anders’ family was hit by a tragic death when his stepson took his own life at only 16 years old. The family’s second son, 12-year-old Leo, like the rest of the family, needed encouragement in everyday life. Therefore, the family applied to the Employee Foundation for funds to acquire a dog.

Leo no longer comes home to an empty house after school, but is greeted by the family’s new puppy, Enya.

Healthy habits 2022


When we are at work, we follow the company’s safety guidelines so that we do not get hurt or hurt others. But when we leave the workplace, we often forget to take those good safety habits with us. And the fact is that most accidents happen in our own homes.

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