We support our employees

As an employee of one of the VKR Group’s companies around the world, you are eligible to apply for a grant to benefit you personally and your immediate family. You must have been employed within the Group for at least one year, although dispensation from this requirement may be granted in special cases. We define an employee’s immediate family as the employee’s spouse/co-habiting partner and children under the age of 30 years.

In times of distress

The Employee Foundation may grant support in the event of death, accident or illness with serious consequences affecting employees or their immediate family. The financial support may be spent on medical care or remedial arrangements, but may also be granted for encouragement at a time of distress.


We can grant financial support to assist the employees’ children in completing their final  education. The applicant must be under the age of 30, and have completed at least half of the education. Support is granted for both vocational training and academic education. 


The Employee Foundation organises a trip for employees who want to spend a week’s holiday on doing voluntary work in a construction project. The project is organised in collaboration with the non-profit organisation Habitat for Humanity. Read about our Live a dream programme.

Senior life

Financial support is also granted for initiatives to benefit current and former senior employees. This would be clubs or associations for senior employees, early retirees and retired employees. Applications for support are granted once a year at the 4th board meeting.

Donation stories

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NB Polska – Filip

Bartosz Friedrich is an employee at NB Polska, Poland, and a devoted father of three children. During a routine visit to an optician for one of Bartosz’s daughters, the optician suggested checking the sight of his other children, a chance event that led to 5-year-old Filip’s sight defect being  discovered.

The examination started with the right eye – 100% healthy, but examination of the left eye revealed only 20% function, due to a genetic defect.

With the help of glasses, Filip’s eyesight improved to 50% and he now enjoys playing with LEGO®, doing puzzles and drawing. He willingly puts the glasses on by himself, which  underlines the impact they have on his life and well-being. Filip needs an eye operation in the future.

VELUX Hungary – László

László Tóth, married to Mónika Benke-Tóth of VELUX Magyarország LKR Kft., Hungary, experienced a sudden heart attack. The cause is unknown and he  underwent a pacemaker implantation. After 53 days in the hospital, he had a rehabilitation stay in a sanatorium and is well on the way to recovery.

Family support, especially from László’s adult daughters, has been crucial, along with help from the workplace, colleagues and friends.

His illness had a huge impact on the family’s two youngest daughters, but fortunately Mónika had the strength to provide care and manage the situation, although being there during László’s treatment was an extra burden.

Mónika is optimistic and appreciates that her husband can gradually participate in family events.

”I am deeply grateful for the Employee Foundation’s financial support, which contributed to the continued rehabilitation of László and a happy time for the children”.

Thyregod Bygningsindustri, Denmark – Bjørn

School has not always been fun or pleasant for Bjørn, who experienced bullying and cognitive problems due to dyslexia. A stay at a special continuation school on the small island of Hjarnø, Denmark, was just what he needed. The school believes in plenty of exercise, small classes, teaching help for each pupil and providing the necessary IT equipment, such as PC plus reading and writing programmes for dyslexic pupils. The result was a happy boy who is thriving, getting more benefit from his lessons and who has improved his grades throughout the year.

Bjørn’s father works at Thyregod Bygningsindustri, Denmark, and is delighted about the Employee Foundation’s support for Bjørn funding his stay at the special school, a burden too heavy for the family to bear alone.

”I really like being at the Lifestyle Boarding School Hjarnø. I’ve made new friends and enjoy the active lifestyle with football, pool and plenty of opportunities for swimming as there is water close by. I plan to spend two years there and then hope to train as a mechanic and maybe also a long-distance truck driver”.

Healthy habits 2022


When we are at work, we follow the company’s safety guidelines so that we do not get hurt or hurt others. But when we leave the workplace, we often forget to take those good safety habits with us. And the fact is that most accidents happen in our own homes.

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