We support local communities

The VKR Group aspires to make a contribution to the communities that its companies operate in. This is why our support is aimed at projects in the vicinity of VKR Group companies.

It means that the Employee Foundation may grant funding applications from non-profit clubs, associations and other organisations based within a radius of up to 50 km of a company within the VKR Group.

Local clubs & culture

The Employee Foundation may grant support to a large variety of clubs, community centres, recreational activities, senior communities etc. which are situated in the vicinity of a company within the VKR Group. 

Specific items

The grant applications must be for specific items of lasting value. It may be funding for a horse for a riding school, lighting for a football field, an electric bicycle for a kindergarten; items that may benefit many people.

Special programmes

We may grant funding for special programmes and for projects that require substantial amounts to be realised. In this case, the foundation would be the sole benefactor or fund a specific part of a project.


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DOVISTA, Denmark – Ringkøbing Cycle Club

Ringkøbing Cycle Club’s children and adolescent department aims to bring young cycling enthusiasts together for cycling activities, to teach them cycling skills, road safety and prepare them for cycling sports. Children as young as 4 can train their skills in the club, and the intention is to expand the target group to 18 years.

Ringkøbing Cycle Club has existed since 1994, bringing together local cycling enthusiasts, including children and young people. Following a recommendation from DOVISTA in Ringkøbing, Denmark, the club bought four mountain bikes for children aged 4-12 with funds from the foundation.

VELUX Ukraine – Uliana

“We have to take good care of the animals around us, and the war has only emphasised that.” – Uliana Momont, VELUX Ukraine.

Uliana and her husband have received support for the distribution of feed and medicine for Ukraine’s livestock in need. Dog and cat owners find it difficult to afford food, and in some places the pets have been left on the streets when the owners fled the country or to safer parts of Ukraine.

Positive values on the pitch

In addition to its successful senior clubs for men and women, Rugby Club La Hulpe in Belgium also has a large junior  division of 85 under-12s and 66 members aged 12 to 18.

The club attaches great importance to the human virtues of integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect, and the club’s coaches instil these values actively in teamplay.

Recently, the club also set up a programme for players with disabilities, but not without substantial investment in time and money. As a result, the junior programme was short of new equipment, which the Employee Foundation has been able to help them with financially.

special programme 2021

Green areas & outdoor life

The Employee Foundation has funded a number of original and inspiring projects to provide more green areas and outdoor recreational amenities. The progress of the projects will be followed closely and be published on this site. When completed, the Employee Foundation would like that employees, their families, and communities go visit the projects.

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