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Since 1991, the Employee Foundation of the VKR Group has assisted employees and their families in many different situations.

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The Employee Foundation may grant support in times of distress such as death, accidents or serious illness, but also for causes like volunteering, education and better senior lives.

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Here you have a repository of information that will work as a stepping stone for applications, our annual reports and much, much more.

mindful of employees and society

Our values

Social responsibility and integrity have been core values for the VKR Group from the outset. In 1965, Villum Kann Rasmussen formulated the Model Company Objective, which has since served as a beacon for the VKR Group.

The year 1971 saw the founding of what is now VILLUM FONDEN, while VELUX FONDEN was created in 1981. The two foundations together, known as THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS, have since supported a wide range of non-profit purposes. In 1991, the two foundations were supplemented by the Employee Foundation for the VKR Group, which was mandated to assist employees in the event of unexpected and unfortunate situations, and to support the children of employees with educational grants.

On the VKR Holding website, you find an overview of the foundations related to the VKR Group – follow the link below.

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Financial highlights 2023

In 2023, we made grants worth EUR 3.6 million altogether.

682 donations worth almost EUR 1.9 million were made to current or retired employees in need of assistance in distressed circumstances or who applied for a grant for their children’s education or training.

Our Healthy Habits programme contributed with almost EUR 60,000.

188 donations worth more than EUR 1.6 million were made in support of projects in the communities where the Group’s companies operate.

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Donation stories

We are pleased to share some of the stories behind our grants. If you have received support and want to share your story with us and others, you are always welcome to contact us. Maybe your example is what makes others apply for support.

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Grants, March 2024
At the annual meeting held in Denmark, at the VKR Holding A/S head office in Hørsholm, the Board of Directors made 310 grants: about DKK 4.7 million. for employee purposes (146 grants for unfortun...
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Honorary Awards 2024
We are pleased to announce this year's award recipients, who were honoured on 23 January 2024, on Villum Kann Rasmussen's birthday. The Employee Foundation presents the Villum Kann Rasmussen Awa...
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Grants, November 2023
The board meeting on 30 November 2023 was held online. The meeting approved 209 applications for a total of DKK 10.2 million. 149 grants totalling DKK 3.4 million go to employee purposes, inc...
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Grants, September 2023
The board meeting 13-14 September 2023 was held in Horsens and Østbirk. The visit to A/S Østbirk Bygningsindustri included the LKR Innovation House and the funded project of the foundation wit...
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Grants, June 2023
The board meeting of the Employee Foundation was held online on 28 June. The meeting granted about DKK 3.2 million (about EUR 0.4 million) for employee purposes (119 grants for unfortunate event...
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Grants, March 2023
The annual meeting of the Employee Foundation was held on 22-23 March. The board had the opportunity to visit Living Places in Copenhagen, an experimental project with the participation of VELUX A/...
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Grants, November 2022
On 29 November 2022, the Board of Directors of the Employee Foundation held its meeting online. The meeting granted just over DKK 3.2 million for employee purposes (129 grants in connection with...
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Grants, September 2022
The Employee Foundation's board meeting was held on 7-8 September 2022 in Paris. The board and secretariat took the opportunity to visit VELUX France in Morangis and a nearby urban area in Champlan...
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Grants, June 2022
At the meeting on 21 June 2022, the Board of Directors made 256 grants: Approx. DKK 3.7 t. for employee purposes (181 grants for unfortunate events and 38 educational grants), and about DKK 0.8 t f...
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Live a dream in Romania
10 brave employees from the VELUX and DOVISTA Groups have taken part in building homes for families in need in Romania. The employees volunteered for the project, which was organised by the Employe...
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Grants, March 2022
We are pleased to announce that at the meeting on 24 March 2022, the Board of Directors granted about DKK 3.5m for employee purposes (137 grants for unfortunate events and 54 educational grants for...
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The Villum Kann Rasmussen Award 2022
On 24 January 2022, this year’s award recipients were celebrated at the companies where they work on a daily basis. The day was chosen because it is the working day closest to Villum Kann Rasmuss...
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To restore and create

Green areas & outdoor life

The Employee Foundation has funded original and inspiring projects to provide more green areas and outdoor recreational amenities. The progress of the projects will be followed closely and posted here on the site for you to read.

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A year of excellence

Annual report & key figures

The Employee Foundation´s capital base of EUR 47 million is managed by the VKR Financial Investments department. The result for 2022 was -15.2%, which was very disappointing.

The negative result was a consequence of strongly negative markets across all assets, both shares and bonds, which is very unusual.

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